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A Prayer of Thanks for Daddy’s Little Girl – November 26, 2009

November 26, 2009


Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us. 


A Prayer of Thanks for Daddy’s Little Girl,

O Most Loving Father,
I saw my daughter
put a veil and crown on her head. 
I told her, “Hello, Princess.”
She said, “I’m a bride.”
Then I was transported in time,
To some unidentified future,
when she would say these words to me for real,
A beautiful young woman,
So close to leaving my protection
For the love of her soon to be lifelong friend. 
A lump grew in my throat,
Thinking of the speed of time,
its onward march
Transforming my self-image
and the vision of my child. 
I thought how much I needed
To be watchful and attentive
To this fleeting present,
Of the girl who scribbles notes to her Daddy,
Writing “I love you”
in a childish scrawl,
treasures captured on scraps of paper. 
This is one of my Thanksgiving blessings,
to witness the blossoming love and growth of a child,
once foreign to me,
yet now essential to my existence,
to my being. 

Thank You God
For every gift of new Life,
For every gift of new Love.
For every moment of Peace,
For every instance of Brotherhood,
For every occasion of Wonder at Your creation,
For every season of Joy,
In Jesus’ name.



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