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A Prayer for Children Who Have Lost a Parent – December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us.


I worked with a group of nine and ten-year old children today who all had lost a parent.  Two of the children had lost their mothers due to heart attacks.  One girl’s mother collapsed in front of her, and she tried to run and get help.  One boy’s father had been murdered.  They remembered attending the funerals, crying, and kissing their parent or the casket.  Such a difficult event in the life of a child!  What struck me about our conversation was that each child could recall the exact date of their parents’ death. 

A Prayer for Children Who Have Lost a Parent

O, Lord of mercy,
Bless these little ones
who have lost a parent.
You know how important
A parent is
In the life of a child:
A guide, a friend,
A role model, a teacher,
A tutor, a nurse,
A provider,
A source of love and good will;
The one who lets a child crawl into their bed
During a midnight thunderstorm;
The one who holds the child’s head during an illness;
The one who changes the bedding in the middle of the night
when the child has gotten sick on his covers
Place good people in their lives
To fill the heart’s empty places  
Where the parents’ love once resided.
Enter their lives,
Direct their steps,
And lead them
To the Perfect Parent
The Divine Father-Mother
Who will love them
In Jesus’ name.



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