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A Prayer on the Empathy of a Child – December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us.


My wife Sue has always maintained a tradition of putting a small gift in the stockings of our children for St. Nicholas’ feast day, December 6th.  This year Joy spoke to her and wanted to make sure that I had something in my stocking.  She had a plan.  She got up at three in the morning, woke up her mother and made sure that I would awaken to a surprise, five walnuts and a bag of sunflower seeds, which we will devour together. 

I know that she is the source of many of my prayers, and I don’t mean to bore You, but it always gives me something good to talk about with You.  It can’t be helped.  She is my little angel.

A Prayer on the Empathy of a Child

Lord, I believe in You.
You are my Creator,
The origin of all that is good.
You have created a special child in Joy.
Have You already touched her heart,
To instill a gift of generosity and empathy?
Where does a seven year old
Learn to step outside her own needs
To place herself in the position of another?
You have sent me a living angel
To continually teach and surprise me.
May You continue to place angels in our paths
To show us that which is truly important:
To share our goods,
To give of ourselves,
To give from the heart,
To give with joy,
To care for others,
To care for those in need,
To befriend the lonely,
To visit the shut-ins,
To welcome the stranger,
To share Your love,
To worship You always.
In Jesus’ name.



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    a very good one and it is nice

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