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A Prayer on the Gift of Remorse – April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us.


Johnny has been acting out lately in school.  He has been disobedient which puts a strain on those that have been working with him.  This week we received a note from an educational aide.  She told us that when Johnny arrived at school the other day, he came to her and said that he was sorry for being mean.  He did this without being prompted by us to say this.  That’s a beautiful thing.

A Prayer on the Gift of Remorse

Mother God,
Father God,
Thank you for the gift of remorse.
It teaches us
To change our behavior,
To heal a bond with a loved one
that was broken
Due to our own selfishness,
Our own stubbornness,
Our own disregard
For the needs of others.
It helps us to desire
A reconciliation in our relationship with others,
to restore peace between us,
and to grow closer to You.
Be with us during those instances,
Blessing us in our attempts to live peaceful lives.
Forgive me for those times
When I have been too blind
To recognize the hurt that I caused to another,
Especially to my wife and children.
Help me to put aside my pride and
Mend relationships that I have damaged.
Be my guide in seeking forgiveness from others, and
Being a forgiving person to those
Who might have offended me.  
Help me to live a good and decent life.
In Jesus’ name.



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