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A Prayer For the Faith, Trust, and Love of a Child – July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us.


Seven-year-old Johnny has had a fascination with all things related to John Deere.  He has spent many an hour getting on the internet, and despite his delays, he enters “john deere” in the Google search box so that he can look at images of green tractors, green riding mowers, green bicycles, and green combines.  Sue’s brother has a child-size riding tractor that runs by battery, and let John take it for a ride in his back yard at one family gathering.  Since then he has wanted a motorized John Deere tractor/riding mower of his own.  Johnny has no concept of price, but gets on the internet and stares at the object of his desire, asking, “can we get it?”  I have tried numerous times to divert his attention to something else. 

Friday nights are “movie nights” at our house.  It’s the one night where the kids can drink pop and eat popcorn.  Last week we watched the Disney movie, “The Kid”, with Bruce Willis in the leading role of Russ.  In the movie, Willis is turning forty, and works as an image consultant, and displays very little in the way of character.  He is unmarried, self-centered, but wealthy.  He begins to receive visits from his “inner child”, Rusty.  After he comes to grips with the personification of himself as a youngster, he tries to help the kid-version of himself through some of his difficult times during childhood.  Russ learns what is really important in life from being with “Rusty”  In his moment of learning the way to live his life, Rusty and Russ see the Russ of the future, a man married to a good woman, with kids, a Golden Retriever, and a plane which he pilots.  Rusty and Russ jump for joy at this glimpse into the future, screaming, “We’re pilots.  We’re not losers.”

This week while I was home alone with John, he asked me to get on the internet and find his John Deere riding toy.  “Can we get it Dad?”  I called a few stores to see if they had the item in stock.  John looked at me, gave me a “thumbs up” signal, saying “We’re not losers.”  I laughed till I cried, then we went to a store and came home with a John Deere HPX Gator 12-Volt Riding Toy

When John was looking at me and asking if we could get this vehicle, a thought entered into my mind of how Jesus taught us to pray and ask Our Father unceasingly about what we need.  While a riding toy is not essential to life, the reminder of the presence of God’s love coupled with a child-like faith and trust were worth the price of the toy.


A Prayer For the Faith, Trust, and Love of a Child

Mother God,
Father God,
You become present to me
through the teachings of a child.
You remind me to rekindle
The honest, innocent faith and trust
That I had put on the shelf
To long ago.
Let me recall John’s hug,
His face against my chest,
and feel that perfect moment
When father and son were one,
As You and I are one.
Thank You for putting Johnny in my life,
To remind me of Your love.
Thank You for the chance to focus
On the gift of the present.
In Jesus’ name.



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