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A Prayer on the Death of a Friend from Cancer – December 18, 2010

December 20, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,
Please take a moment to pray with us.
It has been a long time since I have sat down at this computer and tried to write down my thoughts in a prayer to You.  There are a variety of reasons which blocked my way, but the main reason is the breaking of a routine, and the effort it takes to re-establish the habit. That being said, let me begin agin my conversation with You.
My friend and colleague, Julie, has died.  She had battled pancreatic cancer for 16 months.  On November 10th, she and her family received the results from a scan which had shown that tumors had spread to her abdomen.  Julie’s family told her that it was OK to stop the chemotherapy treatments which had made her so sick, and to live out with them whatever time she had left in life.  The disease progressed quickly, and Julie passed away on December 3rd. 
She lived what many would think was an “ordinary” life.  She married, had two children, taught special education students in a local school district.  It wasn’t a life that garners much attention from the world.  She remained unknown to the masses of people.  Her name would never be mentioned in a newspaper or on the television.  But to say that she was unknown would be incorrect.  To live with her, share a workplace with her, worship with her, were all ways in which she became know, admired, and above all cherished. 
Julie was a person who never let a day go by without a smile corossing her face, or laughter leaving her mouth.  She possessed that magic that is often seen in special people signified by a special twinkle in their eyes.  She connected with people and left them feeling respected and loved.
I will miss her dearly.
A Prayer on the Death of a Friend from Cancer
I thank You
for the gift of Julie
In our lives.
We have surrendered her
back to You.
Welcome her warmly
With as much tenderness
As she showed
All who met her.
Bless her family
Left behind.
Wife, mother, friend,
Now forever absent
Leaving an unfillable hole
Beyond human capacity.
Yet, may Your Divinity
Surround each with
Your perfect Love,
To heal, comfort, sustain
And embrace.
In Jesus’ name. 
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