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June 22, 2012 – A Prayer as I Return to My Spiritual Journey

June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

Mother God,

Father God,

It has been so long since I sat at this computer, my prayer space.  I put this down following the death of a friend from cancer.  Then, I got out of the habit of praying in this format.  I made excuses that I wanted the freedom of privacy in my prayer life, as a reason to discontinue the blog.  The ironic thing was that the availability of privacy didn’t increase my prayer life, nor did it increase the subjects about which I prayed.

Time moves on, endlessly, and I find myself one and one-half years removed from my last public prayer.  It has been a time of great transition.  I have retired from my work as a school psychologist after thirty-five years.  I have concluded my first year of being absent from schools, and have found that I have missed the colleagues with whom I worked, and the children that we collectively served.  I haven’t found that “next thing” to enter into as yet.  While I have looked at other jobs, they have not worked out, and I wait on You.

I have witnessed any transitions in these last two years, the death of Sue’s cousin Rosie after a lengthy battle with cancer, the death of my godmother, and the return of my wife’s cancer for a third time.

Spiritually, I have become more introspective about Your place in my life, and Your life within me.  I have valued this last year to inquire, reflect, and make sense of my faith and beliefs.










A Prayer as I Return to My Spiritual Journey

I have returned
From my wandering,
My self-imposed exile,
From Your side.
I want to take on the mind of Jesus,
To have His spirit move within me.
I open my heart to Your will,
To guide me in all of my actions.
Let the new day
Open my eyes
To the wonder of Your creation,
The world family,
And the never ending search for peace.



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