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June 24, 2012 – A Prayer on a Memory of a Cancer Diagnosis

June 24, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray.

I reflect back to my hiatus from writing this blog.  I know that I was hurting from the death of my friend and colleague.  I also knew that my wife had just been diagnosed with a reoccurrence of her breast cancer.  It was a troubling time.  After her experience of pain in her chest led her to make an appointment with the oncologist, diagnostic procedures indicated the presence of cancer in two lymph nodes.  The words “Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer” sounded so final and threatening.  It wasn’t what we expected to hear.  The layers of those words must be peeled away, so that an understanding can be reached in as calm a manner as possible.  The words were used because the cancer was a reoccurrence from a previous incidence and had traveled from its original location.  Sue has been treated for over a year and the treatment has been successful.  Her most recent PET-Scan showed no traces of cancer.  Her oncologist has described the cancer as a chronic illness and compared it to diabetes.  It is a condition from which she will never be cured, but she can live with it.  Sue receives two shots  a month which prevent the production of estrogen which feeds the cancer.   We are grateful for her life.

A Prayer on a Memory of a Cancer Diagnosis


Memories of the critical events
Of our lives,
And take us back to the climax
Of our individual stories.
We live the story
While the script is being written.
Often, we want to jump ahead,
To find out how this chapter turns out.
Will the hero/heroine survive?
What about the remaining cast of characters?
The stoic husband, the nine- and ten-year old children?
The adult children who still rely on the comfort of their mother?
How will these story lines be written and resolved?
Yet, we must wait
For this tome is written in installments.
Patience is not only demanded,
But enforced.
Is this chapter resolved?
A status quo achieved?
Is it time to turn the page,
And let this vignette
Fade for a time,
Allowing other aspects of life
To emerge.



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