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December 6, 2017 – A Prayer on a Simple Gift

December 6, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take a moment to pray.

Our daughter Monica is a 34 year old woman with Mental illness and Mental retardation. She has had a life more than full of heartbreak and disappointment.  Still, if anyone knows how to keep the spirit of Christmas within her, it is Monica.  She buys Christmas presents for my wife and I, as well as all of her brothers and sister.  It will always be something that doesn’t cost too much, as that is all that her limited funds will permit.   For me, it is usually a bottle of Tabasco sauce or a bag of sunflower seeds; for her brothers it may be their favorite candy bar.  For her Mom, Monica always tries to buy her a tin of her favorite Hazelnut Coffee.  She was out shopping for this today, and the store that she was visiting didn’t have the exact brand that she was looking for, but the clerk gave her another brand of coffee for free.  I’m sure that Monica told the person about her mother and what she was trying to get for her.  I’d like to believe that Monica’s simple belief in Christmas touched the heart of the clerk who purchased it for her.  Monica’s gift was truly from her heart.

Simple Gift

A Prayer on a Simple Gift

Mother- Father,

Our child
With the double whammy
Of a dual diagnosis.
She has suffered
through the years
Through her inability
To manage her emotions
Amid the travails
Of daily life.
Still, she has kept alive
The hope
Of making someone else happy
Through a sincere gift
From the heart.
It is her simple gift
That touches
One’s heart
So deeply.
May this story
Of her act of giving
Bring joy to others,
As it has to me.



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